We Recycle Waste.

We at Tridea believe there is no such thing as waste! We have developed a 360° platform, to transform waste into useful materials or products.

Our recycled materials

We buy and sell a range of materials, and continuously expand our offering to include new and difficult to recycle materials. See our current range of recycled materials available for purchase below:

Recycled PET

We sell recycled rPET flake and pellets. 

Recycled Filament

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We can supply a wide range of recycled 3D printing filament types. 

Recycled WOOD

We sell recycled wooden chipboards which have a wide range of uses.

Recycled Steel

We supply recycled steel structures for environmentally conscious building projects.

Recycled Glass

We supply recycled glass materials for use in construction.

Activated Carbon

We can supply a range of bespoke forms of activated carbon

Our Partners

We work with a range of companies to deliver circular economy solutions to all types of client. No challenge is too big so get in touch today to see how we can help.

TPR specialises in processing equipment and logistics

The One Project operate a range of colossus printers.

Colossus design and build large format 3D printers

OMD3D are experts in 3d modelling and manufacture.

The Rubbish Project offer waste collection, tracking and more.

QuickSteel supply recycled steel engineering solutions.

Thermolysis Plant

Solids(Carbon)17%Liquids(Oil)68%Gas(mix)15%Waste Plastics100%

Together, Tridea and TPR have innovated and developed a hybrid Thermolysis system specially designed for plastic waste. Through our lines we provide a turnkey solution to turn plastic waste into fuel which can solve both fuel and electricity shortages for bases and other installations, customisable and easily scalable in different sizes and outputs to adapt to different requirements.


Read some of our press and keep updated with our progress

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