Our Team

Our collaboration contains experts in the engineering, chemistry and recycling field. The key team members are listed on this page, along with a selection of their specialities, achievements and experience. Together, with over 100 years of experience in the industry, we cover all of the key areas relating to the transformation of waste to energy.

Dr. Stefaan De Coninck

Stefaan has been focussing on green electricity and biofuels since 1999, his experience in the field of thermolysis is industry leading, strengthened by his knowledge and understanding of build-up regarding industrial installations (400-450 ° C). He has also conducted years of research on higher temperature industrial installations. (900 ° C – 1200 ° C)

Jan De Coninck

Industrial science engineer VTI Kortrijk, worked for FLANDERS BIO FUELS till 2006, started TPR as co-founder

Philippe-Daniel Mérillet

Philippe is a real eco-entrepreneur, with 7 years of experience in plastic recycling, he build up an extensive network in this industry and is consulting on and involved in various research projects with industrial partners and universities regarding the next steps in recycling and different types of hydrogen production. 

Renée Horlings

Renee has a background and passion for recycling, having worked in various industries on green technology she is currently involved in recycling of plastics through extrusion and research into hydrogen technology. 

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